Officina Romagnoli: Impianti medicali

Medical Equipment

Products for the medical market

Compressors for use in medical systems (e.g. dental and surgical work)
Compressore stazionario oil-free LFX MED

Stationary, oil-free LFX MED compressor

Reciprocating oil-free compressor

Capacity: 1 a 2,5 l/s 2,2 a 5,4 cfm

Pressure: max 8 bar 116 psi

Power 0,55 a 1,5 kW 0,75 a 2 cv

Noise level: 61-64 d(B)A

Specific model for use in medical systens, such as dentistry

MED air treatment filter

Unit for sterilized/surgical air

Input flow rate: da 6,2 a 69,6 l/s

Inlet pressure: da 7,5 a 16 bar

Maximum inlet temperature: 45°c

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